more joy in your life. more confidence in your body.

It can be hard to accept your body sometimes.

Pregnancy, menopause and the stress of the modern lifestyle can all take their toll.

You just want to feel like YOU again.

But you lack the time, motivation or willpower to get you there.

I’m Louisa Smith – a Personal Trainer – and I help people create more joy in their lives and more confidence in their body by designing manageable fitness and nutritional programmes around their busy schedules.

I completely understand the challenges you face.

Feeling less fit, less toned and less healthy than you once were. Struggling to find time for exercise in between work, kids and running a home.

Completely neglecting your diet and self-care.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I offer a range of group classes and personal training programmes to provide the support, guidance and advice you need to meet your health and fitness goals.

You will feel energised and vibrant. Healthy and radiant. You will start to regain the confidence lost through significant life – and body – changes.

And when you feel good about yourself, the ripple effect to other areas of your life is profound.

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